Q. May I participate in GSE for part of the time and then quit a few days early to be in another program? What if there’s a family wedding?
  •   The commitment to GSE is for the full number of scheduled days; therefore, you may not be excused for such activities. 

 Q. Will attending GSE enhance my scholarship opportunities?
  • Some colleges and universities within the state as well as some out-of-state art schools award financial aid over and above other scholarships for students who attended GSE for the full time. You will need to check with the financial aid officer at the institution where you wish to study to see if such a scholarship is offered. There is not a GSE Scholarship connected with the Governor’s Schools program itself.

Q. What will a day of GSE look like?

  • A sample daily schedule for GSE 2022 can be found on the School of Entrepreneurship Link at​ the top of this page.  Although it has not been finalized, the 2023 schedule will be similar.

Q. How will I know whether I was accepted?​

  • Students who are selected will receive a letter of congratulations from the Governor within two weeks after the final deadline.  Alternates and students who were not accepted will be notified by a letter or email from Dr. Ray Lowther who is following Mrs. Keffer as Governor's Schools Coordinator.

Q. If I participate in GSE as a sophomore will I be ineligible for GHA after my junior year?
  • You will not be ineligible to apply for GHA after attending GSE. In addition, if you attend GSE after your freshman year, you will still be eligible to apply for GSA as a sophomore. GSE itself may be repeated for two years.