Governor's School of Entrepreneurship (GSE)

​​The Governor's School of Entrepreneurship (GSE) will be held at Marshall University June 18-July 8.  

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             Change your summer; change your life; change the world

The following links, Designing for Impact 2022, Student Handbook 2022, and the Revised Schedule Agenda are examples of publications available to the GSE Class of 2022. The information is truly valuable, and not much is expected to change in 2023. Read through them to see what will be in store for you if you choose to become part of the life-changing Governor's School of Entrepreneurship at Marshall University June 18-July 8, 2023.

Student Handbook 2022


a WVGSE encourages IMPACT: Innovation on a meaningful problem using purpose and a positive attitude to impact community through teamwork.
b WVGSE promotes a growth mindset by challenging students at all stages to embrace the opportunity to experiment, fail, and learn.
c WVGSE encourages creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving that yields innovation and invention.
d WVGSE results in improved confidence, an increased network of peers and mentors, and a problem-centered focus.

Basketball players are not the only one who know how to pivot. Entrepreneurs know all about pivoting and its ability to change course or make something workable. The Governor's Schools of West Virginia has learned not only the value of pivoting but the ability to do so.

Using technology and creative minds, we intend to run a School of Entrepreneurship with teams working physically apart but mentally together. This summer, the Governor's School ​of Entrepreneurship (GSE) is looking for  50 young students who are excited about the possibilities of making the future better for themselves, our state, and the world we live in. Those students will work with some exciting professors and entrepreneurs as they explore the creative and business sides of running a business.  See "Opportunities" to read about an exciting, entrepreneurial schedule for Summer 2022.

GSE exemplifies our strategy to create small businesses that will energize the economy of West Virginia, and we are attempting to foster that growth through fashioning an atmosphere of imagination, innovation, and creativity for our young potential entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship among young people is not a new thing. Our country has a history of capitalizing on the fresh, new ideas of people who are willing to take a chance. 
• One of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time, Benjamin Franklin, was only 26 when he published “Poor Richard’s Almanac”;
• Louis Braille, blinded at the age of three, invented a system for "reading" with the hands by using dots when he was only 12. He refined it, and it is still the same system used today as the one he presented at age 15;
 Madam C.J. Walker, founder of the Walker Hair Care System for hair of black women which made her a multi-millionaire was in her early 20s when she started her business, saying “If you recognize an unserved customer base, do something about it”;
• William Harley was only 21 when he drew the plans for a motorized bicycle, and within five years he and his partner Arthur Davidson were in business with a factory producing what is now the only U.S. built motorcycle;​​​​ 
•​ Jeff Bezos was only 30 when he opened Amazon in a garage, initially selling only books;​
• …and Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and……YOU!
         Share the Dream
Realizing the importance of experience, WVGSE offers high-school students the chance to dream about a new business or product and then make it happen.  Innovators are thrown into a virtual "accelerator" atmosphere where they learn about business models, design thinking, and scaling new startup ventures. 
Being part of GSE is not a solitary endeavor. One of the primary aims of the GSE is to engage students from all over West Virginia to create teams to invent, create a business, and pitch their ideas to a judges and other large audiences.

There are team competitions, a pitch competition, and the opportunity to actually launch a new business venture. In fact, every young innovator will be an entrepreneur by the end of GSE. We refer to the Young Entrepreneurs as Young E's of 2022. Read through the information provided in the links in the last column at the bottom of this page to see if you have the fire to become a West Virginia entrepreneur.

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