Sample Daily Schedule for GSE

​In an effort to keep students fully engaged, the deans at the Governor's School of Entrepreneurship have developed a schedule that is varied, interactive, and intriguing.  You can check out the opportunities below. 

Monday and Tuesday
10:30a - 5p | active open window with students
10:30a - announcements / warm-up
11a - 11:15a - Content Area A
11:15a - 11:30a - First Break
11:30a - 11:45a - Content Area B
11:45a - 12p - Second Break
12p - 12:15p - Content Area C
12:15p - 12:30 p - Morning Wrap

12:30p - 1:30p - Lunch

1:30p - 1:45p - Afternoon Instructions / Application
1:45p - 2:45p - Application Launch w/ Check-Ins
2:45p - 3p - Afternoon Break
3p - 4:30 - Cont'd Application w/ Check-Ins
4:30p - 5p - Afternoon Wrap / Next Steps / Close

10:30p - 5p | Open Lab Format - Coaches Present for Check-Ins through Open Lab Window

Afternoon instructors will quickly review the morning content that is to be applied in the afternoon. It will be followed by instructions on expectations for how students should proceed through applying content. Students will be assigned breakout rooms to work in and we will utilize the breakouts as means to have check ins with students to address any questions and to provide necessary coaching.”
There will always be adult supervision though – even in the check ins. Each team will be assigned a coach that will “follow” them to any breakout room they enter.