In 1984, West Virginia Dared to Dream About Creating a Governor's School; Now There are Six, Making Each Moment An Opportunity

​​​​​​​​​​​​Governor's Schools Add Two Exciting Opportunities in 2023​

The State of West Virginia and the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) are pleased to offer at no cost, premier summer programs for students following their seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades in school. The Governor’s Schools are administered by the West Virginia Department of Education. In addition to the four other stellar programs, in 2023 two exciting opportunities are being added.

NEW!  The Governor's Computer Science Institute invites students to delve into projects that allow them the time and opportunity to think and work like computer scientists and programmers, using cutting-edge technologies and thinking skills.  Students may attend following 9th or 10th grade, June 18-24, at West Virginia University.

NEW!  The Governor's School for the Arts, Culture, and History invites current 7th-and8th-grade students to delve into undertakings that allow them the time and opportunity to read, think, explore, create, listen, speak, and experience how literacy impacts their lives through a fun, week-long experience like no other. The GSACH will be held at the West Virginia Culture Center and the University of Charleston.  

The faculty and staff for all the West Virginia Governor’s Schools are carefully selected, and they share exciting, motivating, specially designed instruction. ​Students attend workshops, classes, and a variety of stimulating extra-curricular activities in the areas of arts, humanities, mathematics, science, and technology.

The Governor’s Honor Academy (GHA) is for students who are currently high school juniors. In 2023, students will spend two weeks learning, interacting and bonding with fellow outstanding West Virginia scholars. Dean Robin Payne and Dean Keisha Kibler will manage this school. The 2023 session will be June 18-July 8 at Fairmont State University.

The Governor’s School for the Arts (GSA) is for current high school sophomores who exhibit talent in the literary and performing and visual arts. Students attending the GSA are taught by practicing professionals in their respective fields of writing, dance, music, acting, and drawing/painting. Dean Maribea Barnes-Marsano and the Assistant Dean Hanna Kozlowski  will manage this school. The 2023session will be June 25 – July 15 at Marshall University.  

The Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship (GSE) is for current high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors interested in creating, inventing and starting a business that could thrive and prosper in West Virginia. The schedule for GSE includes three full weeks of instruction and creative experiences. Dean Olen York will manage this school. The 2023 session will be June 18 – July 8 at Marshall University.
Governor’s STEM Institute at WVU is for students currently in the seventh or eighth grade.  Students work with mentors and faculty on a specific research theme in a virtual laboratory or field setting. For the seventh grade students, West Virginia University will host two sessions: July 2-10 (Session 1) or July 12-20 (Session 2). Dr. Ken Blemings,  is the dean of the WVU sessions.

Sixty current eighth grade students will spend 14 exciting days (July 2-July 15) as part of the Governor’s STEM Institute at Greenbank Observatory working in teams to search for answers about the universe. They will be directed by dedicated experts in radio astronomy from across the country. Ms.​Sue Ann Heatherly, education officer at the Greenbank Observatory, will manage this school.

All students applying for one of the state’s Governor’s Schools must currently reside and attend school in West Virginia and plan to be a student the following year. For example, a student who graduates after three years is not eligible to attend GHA. Neither is a student who knows, at the time of application, that he/she will be moving out of state during the summer. Students who know they are moving to another state are honor-bound to notify the coordinator of Governor’s Schools. “Attending school” includes students who are educated in home schools and private/parochial schools. These students must provide proof of residency as well as an immunization record indicating all immunizations required by the (WVDE) Education are current.

Direct questions and comments to:
Robert J. "Joey" Wiseman
Director of Student Enrichment
West Virginia Department of Education
Building 6, Room 750
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, WV  25305​