Governor's STEM Institute (GSI) Offers Exciting Opportunity on Two Campuses

Every day at a Governor's School is as exciting as the fireworks display at the State Fair. In their session, current seventh graders will learn about the importance of math and science in amusement parks.  

 Become a Scientist, a Mathematician, or both at GSI
For decades, students were encouraged to learn about science, and they did. They did not, however, experience the excitement of discovery--of proving a theory.  Carl Sagan's declaration that we can "do" science fired the movement to make young students actual scientists. Books are still important; they contain necessary, fundamental information, background knowledge. With that knowledge, students can soar into the​ unknown. Recognizing that the scientific and mathematic discoveries that made a difference in the world were developed over long periods of time by motivated, dedicated, thorough, and creative minds, the State of West Virginia offers the Governor's STEM Institute, inviting students to delve into projects that allow them the time and opportunity to think and work like scientists and engineers, using high level mathematics and thinking skills while employing the latest technology.  
The theme of GSI for current 7th graders is The Math and Science at Amusement Parks

 The goal is to open students’ eyes to what lies behind the concept, design, the magic of light shows, the timing, and how the rides work.  Get ready–there are a lot of connections, and student are going to have a great time discovering them! There are two sessions of 48 each for seventh-graders, so students will attend either July 2-10 or July 12-20.
Up to 60 current eighth graders will learn about the magic of the universe as they study the mysteries of outer space utilizing data from the Green Bank Observatory in Pocahontas County. Accessing the information under the guidance of nationally recognized scientists and instructors, students will learn about the constellations, outer space and, perhaps just as importantly, about their inner selves. In 2023, the dates for this out-of-the-world experience are July 2-15.
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