How to Apply

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The first step to applying to GSE is to be sure you meet the proper qualifications. See "Opportunities."

The application to GSE is in three parts: an online form, a paper form, and a 90-150 second video uploaded to YouTube.  Read the following directions carefully before proceeding. 
Part I asks for specific demographic information, and gives you the opportunity to answer a few questions on line. It is the part of the application that will take the most time to complete. Once you have completed and submitted Part I, print the verification page, fill in your name, and make it Page 1 of the paper packet. To print from the Windows environment, simply press CTRL-P; from the Apple environment, COMMAND -P.

Part II, the paper copy, requires signatures and initials of both the applicant and a  parent/guardian. Simply print it, fill in your name, and sign in the appropriate places.

  •  Provide a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers as well as an  official transcript.  Teachers should write their letters on school letterhead using a 12-point Roman or Arial font. The use of fancy, italicized fonts is strongly discouraged. Writers should speak candidly about your work, skills, desires, strengths, weaknesses, and the ability to work in groups. This letter shall be paper-clipped directly after the transcript, and it must include the teacher's signature. When you ask your teacher for a recommendation, stress that it must be signed. Then, when it is returned to you, check to see that it is. This is your responsibility.
  •  At least three weeks ahead of time, ask your principal or assistant principal for a short statement on school letterhead that you are a responsible school citizen and that he/she recommends you without reservation.  Remember that principals are very busy and may have several letters to write for students for scholarships and other summer opportunities, so they will need this time cushion. This letter shall be the last page of your application.
  • Pay careful attention to the parent/student signature page. If you have questions, direct them to or
  • Complete the rest of the form, print it and take it to your counselor with the pages in order. The counselor will attach the necessary school records and return it to you. Please remind your counselor that your Social Security number is NOT to be sent with your transcript. NO STAPLES, PLEASE.
  • It is your responsibility to mail the application, postmarked no later than March 24,  2023.It is not necessary to spend extra money for overnight or rush delivery.  It is the postmark that counts.


Part III--the video.  These instructions are lengthy so they are in a separate link.  Click here.  Deadline for all parts of the application are March 24.