2017 Application Part II--December 2 deadline

Do not begin this part of the application until you have read "How to Apply." on the second link in the left column on this page. Then, submit Part I on line.  Part II of the GSA application is actually the part that contains most of the information that you want us to know about you.  Part I, which you sent electronically, contains demographic and contact information. Some pointers:

  • Download the application, save it, and then reopen it before starting to completing it.
  • Ask for your letters of reference soon so that the people you ask will have time to write a letter that would make you proud.  Don't give him or her a 48-hour notice and expect an award-winning letter of reference.
  • Take the counselor's page--with your name already typed in the blank--at least a week before you need it.  Counselors have a lot to do, so don't wait until the last minute. This year, you should take it earlier than one week ahead of time since the Thanksgiving break falls the week before.
  •  Keep a copy of your complete application, including letters of reference.  Sometimes mail does get misplaced, and it's good to have your information available if it needs to be replaced.
  • Remember to write your name on the printed confirmation and attach it to your paper application.


Important note: If you downloaded Part II of the application before November 7, you may want to get the newest copy before you get started.  The current application allows a larger number of characters for the essay.

 GSA Application 2017 Part II