Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. I have been trained in both dance and voice? May I apply to audition in both areas?

  • You may not.  Students must choose one and only one arts area for which to apply.

Q. How do I find the application materials?

  • Visit the link "How to Apply" and read the entire page. 

​Q. How will I know whether I was accepted?

  • Students who are selected will receive a letter of congratulations from the Governor.  Alternates and students who were not accepted will be notified by a letter or email from the West Virginia Department of Education/
Q. How soon after the auditions will we be notified?
  • Audition portfolios and videos must be in by January 31​​​, 2023.  Judges have until March 1 to conduct /Facetime/Skype/Zoom/Teams interviews and submit names. The​  letters from the Governor should be mailed by mid-March. 

 Q. What if I have had limited instruction but I am pretty good at what I do?

  • In addition to talent, potential and attitude are extremely important in the GSA audition/review process. The most talented students will not succeed at GSA if they are not interested in becoming better than they already are. GSA is an opportunity to learn and grow. For that reason, the judges consider the whole application and interview, not just the product/performance submitted for audition.

  • Q. May I participate in GSA for part of the time and then miss a few days to be in another program?

  • No. The commitment to GSA is for June 25-July 15; therefore, you may not be excused for such activities.  You are old enough to make a choice about which program will most benefit you.. 
Q. Will we have class on weekends?
  • We have class or activities seven days a week.
 Q. Will attending GSA enhance my scholarship opportunities?
  • Some colleges and universities within the state, as well as some out-of-state art schools, award financial aid over and above other scholarships for students who attended GSA for the full time. You will need to check with the financial aid officer at the institution where you wish to study to see if such a scholarship is offered. There is not a GSA Scholarship connected with the Governor’s Schools program itself.
Q. What if there is a family wedding or reunion? Can I be excused to attend?
  • ​No.  Students may be excused up to 24 hours for a verified emergency only.
  Q. What will a day look like at GSA in 2023?
  • The sample schedule below gives you an idea of a typical day. 
    ​Monday-Thursday Sample Schedule
    ​Time ​Activity Notes
    8 a.m.
    ​Morning Meeting--Full Group ​Announcements, Student Highlights, Guest Artists
    9 a.m.-12 p.m.
    ​Major Discipline ​Faculty Determines Content
    ​12:30-1:30 ​Lunch/Free Time ​No Computer/Screen Time
    ​1:30-3:00 Interdisciplinary Class
    ​Faculty Determines Content
    ​3:00-3:45 ​Afternoon Break ​No Computer/Screen Time
    ​3:45-5:00 ​Major Discipline ​Faculty Determines Content
    ​5:00-6:00 ​Dinner/Break ​No Computer/Screen Time
    ​6:00-7:30 ​Interdisciplinary or Community Activity ​Mixed Group--Interdisciplinary or RA Activity
    ​Evening programming
    ​Guest artists/faculty showcase