Educators and Parents

Governor's School for the Arts

June 25-July 15, 2023

The following students will live in a community of artists at Marshall University as they work with outstanding professionals in their area of talent. They will also take classes in all the other disciplines in this stellar interdisciplinary  experience. Students apply directly to GSA and are then selected through an audition and interview​ process.

​​​Berkeley County 
Cherisha Deen-Diallo
Kristiana Gray
Addison Payne
Audrey Thomas
Marissa DeArmitt
Madalyne Hart
Tara Graham
Brooke County 
Camryn Harris
Cabell County 
Joshua Bonyak
Maxwell Harris
Riley Pennington
Addison Lewis
Kaileigh Murphy
Ava Smith
Fayette County 
Jordyn Floyd
Kylee Adkins
Sidney Parks
Greenbrier County 
Valerie Rice​
Hancock County 
Catherine Glodowski
Hardy County 
Nicole Jones
Harrison County 
Sarah Yearego
John Honce
Xavier Gatson
Morgan Grose
Sierra Noonan
Cameron Bruce
Jefferson County 
Lucy Meeker
Felix Alexander
Kiara Vega-Leon
Chloe Jenkins
Megan Puttock
Molly Bivens
Faith Foglesong
Natalia Batista
Rebekah McGivern
Kanawha County 
Elijah Kiser
Ava Shamblen
Julia Griffith
Anahli Cordell
Candra Frazier
Lily Wilson
Abigail Balladares
Isaiah Canterbury
Olivia Hayes
Marion County 
Lydia Hatten
Sara Jo Martin
Lilah Haught
Mara Hedrick
Marshall University 
Danica Yeater-Beckman
Dulaney Anderson
Monongalia County 
Lillie Monteith
May Deskins
Owen Tronco
Monongalia, cont'd
Austin Luo
Dharshana Mesineni
Owen Cosner
Agatha Dahle
Elsa Tovar-Castaneda
Monroe County 
Natalie Broyles
Morgan County 
Elizabeth Kessel
Ohio County 
Alexander Fabrizio
Ciera Faulstick
Emily Blatt
Anna Coleman
Jessica Nissley
Moira Smith
Pleasants County 
Bella Tagliarini
Emma Weikart
Preston County 
Gwendolyn Weaver
Kierian Smith
Putnam County 
Micah Dillon
Raleigh County 
Lani Misch
Abigail Szuch
David Hegele
Sarah Harris
Lakyn Misch
Randolph County 
Madalynn Ferguson
Hannah Davis
Tyler County
Annie Roberts
Upshur County 
Allia Canelo-Shaver
Kaylee Feather
Maria Benjamin
Wayne County 
Abigale Martin
Wood County 
Brittany Ward
Grace Miller​​

GSA   School-level responsibilities

Although the counselors do not have to help in the selection process, they are asked to be in charge of school-wide communication regarding the Governor's School for the Arts (GSA). Coordinators Joey Wiseman and  Ray Lowther send  counselors an email asking them to make announcements and forward a letter to students about the GSA opportunities. They also send letters to the teachers of the arts who are most likely to have contact with 10th graders, the target audience. More specifically, teachers and counselors are asked to do the following:

  • ​Guide talented students to apply to the School for the Arts. Professional educators are door openers and not gate keepers. Inform all students. Let them decide for themselves whether to apply.
  • The counselor completes page 3 of the application, attaching an official transcript with the attendance record. Please redact Social Security numbers.  When reviewing the application, ascertain that the proof of submission of Part I is attached to the front page of the application.
  • Students not achieving a 2.2 GPA after three semesters are ineligible.
  • The principal checks a recommendation box and signs page 3 of the application.
  • ​If a student is recommended "with reservation," a brief explanation is necessary. It can also be mailed separately.
  • Mailing the application is the responsibility of the student, not the school. The deadline has been extended to January 18, 2023. Audition files are due by January 25.​
​Parent Information
  • The Governor's Schools of West Virginia offer valuable and unique experiences for the youth of our state. Parents play a vital part in their children's social, emotional, physical and mental successes, and parental nurturing and high expectations continue to drive students forward.
  • Attending GSA requires commitment on the part of the student and his/her whole family.  The school lasts three weeks, and there are activities or trips planned all seven days each week.
  • The only financial obligation for the parents of students selected to attend GHA is that they provide internet access where it is available. If your student needs to borrow a laptop in order to participate, we will provide one.
  • All students must be fully vaccinated according to the WVDE regulations for public schools.
  • Any health threats, such as the pandemic we have endured since 2020, will be handled on an as-needed basis.
  • Many of you have been taking your young artist to lessons and have watched uncountable performances through the years, and your support is appreciated.  The student application also requires assistance from you.  As your son or daughter works through the process, offer your assistance and use those watchful eyes to assure that things are done correctly. The deadline for applying is January 18; the deadline for auditions is January 25. When it is time for auditions, support your student by assuring that he or she has a quiet place to record the audition, and have an accompanist lined up for vocalists. ​​