It's time to apply for GSA 2023; Note: the date for applying has been extended to January 24.


Marshall University and the West Virginia Department of Education are happy to announce that the Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) will be held on campus June 25-July 15, 2023. 

The student application is in two parts. Part I is to completed and submitted online; Part II is a fillable pdf that must be completed, printed, signed and submitted by January 24, 2023. Both parts must meet the deadline. There will be no exceptions.

GSA Application Part II​​​​​​  Attach with clips; no staples, please.
Audition Procedure

What does a resident assistant do? 

During a Governor's School, the RA is in charge of the students anytime they are not in class or in their rooms. They support an organized and positive learning environment, coordinate and manage daily resident activities, monitor behavior, keep an open ear when students need to talk, and see to the overall safety of the students. They are the "head counters" and the group leaders. RA’s are available 24/7 except for the occasional night off. In the morning while students are in class, they meet with the Resident Director to debrief and make plans for the future.​ The Resident Director oversees the residential staff and is the person in charge of students when they are not in class with their teachers. 

Faculty Application  ​There is no faculty application because the all faculty from the 2022 session will return in 2023.​

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Dr. Ray Lowther,,  Sherry Keffer,, or Joey Wiseman,