How to plan for your audition


Start preparing for your digital audition today

​​Note: the audition deadline has been extended to January​ 31.​​

Performing artists will submit their performance samples via  YouTube.  Writers, studio artists and digital artists will submit folders of their work via email. Performing artists will submit a video following specific guidelines. The second part of the audition includes a Skype, Teams, or ZOOM interview during which they may be asked to do some impromptu performing or, for musicians, a sight reading. Students will be contacted by the teacher to set up a time for the  interview.  Writers and artists shall have the files emailed to the instructor and have a copy on their own desktops so that specific work can be discussed.


Do not be nervous about this.  It would be much more difficult for people in their fifties to make the leap, but for students your age, it should be a baby step.


Do not contact the judge in your art except for submitting the portfolio or video. You need to review the directions for your art form; then, if you still have questions, direct them to or

​​​Again, the teacher will contact you to set up the Skype/Teams/Zoom/ interview.


How do I submit my audition video/portfolio? 

You'll be surprised at how stress-free the process can be. A video prepared by Jared Thompson (see below) explains in detail how to prepare the video that you will upload to YouTube and the portfolios you will send via One Drive or Google Drive​ to your teachers--depending upon the instructor's directions.

Submit performing arts videos via YouTube. Review the Audition Video Instructions before beginning your own audition folders.  The directions are specific and easy to follow. It's fun! 


Submit  the creative writing portfolio according to directions provided by Dr. Chavez in the creative writing link. Studio art portfolios may be sent via Google Drive or One Drive.  

After you have decided what to include in your portfolio and saved it, it's time to send it off to the teacher  making the GSA selections. Because email, even a ZIP file, may take too much room or be overlooked, you should use  One Drive or Google Drive. The accounts are free, and the directions follow.


Then it's time to go to  One Drive or Google Drive. You might wish to zip the file by using the following directions:   How to Create Zip Files:

1. Sign in to the drive you are using.
2. Hover your cursor over the folder on your desktop that you want to share.
3. Click the Share button that appears.
4. Enter the email addresses of people with whom you wish to share the folder. Those addresses are in the links below that describe what is to be in each submission. For example, if you are a writer, go to the Creative Writing link. 
5. Select Can edit from the pull-down menu (if applicable).
6. Add a message about the files, enter your email address, and click Share.

Preparing Your Portfolio

The final deadline for all auditions is January 25, but we are happy to accept earlier submissions. You should start preparing for your audition/portfolio review as soon as you decide to apply! Do not wait until a week or two before auditions to begin preparations. 

Your application, school records, recommendations and interview as well as your audition performance/portfolio will be considered in the selection process.

How do I prepare for my audition for my specific art?

Descriptions of the expectations for preparing for specific arts auditions can be found in the links below. The email address listed to the right of each arts discipline is the address(es) you use to submit your work. 

Acting Procedures                               Email video link to   

Creative ​Writing Procedures         Specific directions are within the CW Procedures link​

Dance Procedures                               Email video link to and

Instrumental Music Procedures           Email video link to  

Studio Art Procedures                         Using One Drive, share portfolio with  

Vocal Music Procedures                 Email video link to (tentative)

The teachers should notify you as soon as they receive your submission​; however, it may be a few weeks before they contact you to schedule your 15-minute video conversation with you.  
Notification of Selection Procedures
Students chosen to attend GSA will be invited by a letter from the Governor, usually within a month after the last audition, including the Skype/Teams/Zoom interview. With procedural changes, the letters will probably be mailed by the second week in March, 2023.   Alternates and those not selected will receive a letter from Dr. Lowther regarding their status.