A message from Dr. Chavez and Instructions for uploading Writing Samples

​​Dear GSA 2023 Creative Writing Applicants, 
Thank you for your interest in this exciting program! I have had the privilege of teaching for GSA since 2017 and it is one of the highlights of my summer.  
In the Creative Writing discipline, we work to build (and build on) foundational craft skills such as character development, narrative structure, diction, syntax, tone/voice, use of figurative language, setting, and more. We focus on skill sets rather than genres (though there will be some specific lessons in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction) and our exercises are designed to generate new work, rather than provide space for pre-existing projects.  

My favorite part of GSA is that consideration for acceptance encourages not just a look at grades or existing skills, but instructors are also asked to consider effort and potential. Make sure to put your most authentic foot forward rather than attempting to guess at what you think I might be looking for.  
Be sure to upload your materials as instructed below. Materials not posted correctly may not receive full review.  

Uploading Writing Samples ​​

  • Create a new folder and title it Last Name, First Name -- e.g. Martinez, Jolene
  • Within the folder, upload all pieces of your writing sample separately -- i.e. if you are submitting two (2) short stories and three (3) poems, there will be five (5) separate documents; if you are submitting two (2) stories, then there is are only two documents
  • Keep in mind the writing samples should together equal no less than 6 pgs. and no more than 12 pgs.
  • Each document should be titled with the name of the piece and the genre -- e.g. "The Cold Morning"-- fiction or "The Empty Box" -- poetry
  • Optional: If you would like to provide an author's note that provides context to your work, that would be fine. This would also be its own document titled "Author's Note." The content of this is up to you, though it shouldn't exceed one (1) page in length (this does not count toward your writing sample page limit)

***Once a folder is posted, I will restrict access to it so that only the applicant and I can view​ the contents.

If you have any questions about these instructions, you are welcome to email me directly as sachavez@uw.edu. Otherwise, the deadline to have these materials posted is Wednesday, January 25, 2023. 

I look forwarding to reading your work!

All best, 
Dr. Chavez