Dance Procedures for Auditions

GSA Audition Video Requirements: Dance
a) Your video must be less than 10 minutes in length
b) Only perform one side of each exercise
c) Wear proper dance attire - black leotard & pink tights for women, white t-shirt and
black tights for men
d) Do not film into the mirror.
e) The entire dancer should be visible throughout the video (No close-ups). e) Include the
components listed below:
Ballet Portion
Begin your video by stating your name, age, where you are from, and date of birth.
  •  Barre Work:
    • PliĆ©
    • Tendu
    • Adagio
    • Grand Battement
  • Center Work:
    • Adagio Pirouettes
    • Petit Allegro
    • Grand Allegro

Modern Dance Portion
Choreograph a modern/contemporary dance no longer then 1:30 minute. This is your
opportunity to create and inform us who you are as an artist. The music you chose cannot
have lyrics and you do not have to cut or edit for length. The choreographic study can
have a meaning or solely based on movement, and it should include the following:
Floor work
Traveling phrase