Creative Writing Audition Procedures and Tips

The problem​ with the Creative Writing link has been rectified​. You should be able to proceed successfully. Be sure to follow Dr. Chavez's instructions.​​

Auditioning for the creative writing program is a two-part process consisting of a portfolio of your writing and a 15-20 minute Zoom discussion with the creative writing teacher, Dr. Sarah A. Chavez. Instructions​ for what goes in your folder
  • ​Writing samples may be from any of the three primary creative writing genres: fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction (meditative essay/memoir/sketch); preferably and if you have it, submit from at least two genres to show your range;
  • Samples must be typed in Microsoft Word docx;
    • P​​​​​​rose (fiction or CNF) should be double-spaced; 
    • Poetry should be single-spaced; 
    • All writing should be 12-point Times New Roman typeface;
  • The entire writing sample in total must be no fewer than six (6) and no more than twelve (12) pages;
  • If your submission is from a longer work such as a novel, the submitted pages must be consecutive. If you submit samples of two or three short stories, you may submit two or three consecutive pages from each;
  • NO TITLE PAGES; Author's notes are optional; please see uploading instructions in the submission folder for more context;
  • Do not email samples directly to Dr. Chavez; Do NOT email to ask if your folder is visible.
  • Do not *share* folders and Word documents; create and upload as instructed;
  • Do email if you are having any trouble with the technology or if you would like clarification on any of the instructions. Otherwise, upload your work as instructed and if Dr. Chavez has any questions, Dr. Chavez will contact you. 
Zoom Interview requirements
If you live in an area where internet service is sketchy, plan to have your Zoom interview at school, the public library, or a place near your home where the service is good. It is incumbent upon you to have the appropriate technology available for the interview.  

Submit my writing samples​      


Creative writing, an inside-to-outside creative art, is sometimes a solitary task. At other times, however, after a piece is completed or a member of the peer group has written something beautiful, it's party time.