Apply Here for the Summer of Your Life--June 18-July 8, 2023

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​​​​The application process is two-pronged, and it includes Part I which is submitted on line  and Part II, a paper document that is completed as a pdf fillable form. 

The final state deadline is, but all applications are submitted to the student's school by the date announced by the school counselor. A committee from each school reviews the applications and forwards them to the county coordinator.  A county-wide selection committee then selects one male and one female as superintendent's choices and submits names and applications of other worthy students to the statewide selection team. Because applications are reviewed at both the school and county levels, the local deadline may be considerably earlier than the state deadline.

GHA 2023 Application Part I
This section of the application, which will take about five minutes to complete, must be completed by the time you are to submit your application to the school counselor. 

GHA 2023 Application Part II​​

 --Part II of the application is a paper copy that will take some time to complete. Read the directions carefully.

Part II is to be submitted to your guidance counselor by the date set at the school, but no later than February 10, 2023.

Faculty responsibilities; directions for application requirements; and the application itself are included in the link below.

Faculty Application 2023

What does a resident assistant do? 

During a Governor's School, the RA is in charge of the students anytime they are not in class or in their rooms. They support an organized and positive learning environment, coordinate and manage daily resident activities, monitor behavior, keep an open ear when students need to talk, and see to the overall safety of the students. They are the "head counters" and the group leaders. RA’s are available 24/7 except for the occasional night off. In the morning while students are in class, they meet with the RD to debrief and make plans for the future.

Applications for 2023 are due February 18

Educators' Forms  

The links to these forms are also on the Educators and Parents link below.

Principal's Recommendation Form

Superintendent's Recommendation Form  ​​​

Principal's Selection Form 

Superintendent's Selection and Recommendation Form