Happy Just Gaming? Would You Like to Be a Game Creator?

Consider Governor's Computer Science Institute, June 18-25

There are so many facets to computer science it's a wonder it isn't always written in the plural--Computer Sciences! It is an ever-changing and growing industry that includes many areas of interest.  Sometimes, people think computer science is just coding.  However, there are many other branches of computer science including artificial intelligence (AI), global information systems (GIS), game design, programming, and cyber security.   At the Governor's Computer Science Institute (GCSI), students will be able to pick the areas they want to learn more about, and they will have the opportunity to work with outstanding teachers, programmers and researchers.

Participants in GCSI will live in Honors Hall at WVU and dine in Summit Hall, which is just across a side street. Honors Hall has 24-hour security and the resident assistants live on the floors with the students. Some teachers and the resident director will also reside there. 

This school is for any 9th or 10th-grade student who is interested in learning more about computer science regardless of your level of experience.  ​Use it as a simple platform to dive head-first for the first time, or use it as a high diving-board to take you skills to new heights. 

Co-Directors, Bill and Gretchen Gibson, who have been program directors at the Governor's STEM Institute (formerly the Governor's School for Mathematics and Science) are planning the classes and activities for GCSI, so everything should be exciting and knowledge-filled. â€‹