Educators and Parents Information

                                                                            ​                                         ​     Governor's Computer Science Institute

June 18-24, 2023

The following students completed the inaugural Governor's Computeer Science Institute, improving​ their computer and programming skills as they worked with experts at the GCSI at WVU in June.   Like all Governor's Schools GCSI is offered at no cost to students or their families. The only financial requirements are that they provide healthcare insurance and transportation​ to and from WVU. Students from all counties were encouraged to attend. 

Berkeley County:
Caitlin Hall
Isaac Crumley
Jacob Cline
Liam Good
Tyler Rearick
Fayette County:
Bradin Ortiz
Jayleigh Persinger
Luke Parcell
Rowan Bostic
Greenbrier County:
Nathaniel Vincent
Hampshire County:
Ralph Wojtowicz
William Wojtowicz
Harrison County:
Eli Ward
Isaiah Noonan
Kristin Geric
Jackson County:
Danielle Scantlin
Jefferson County:
Ridley Kesecker
Scott Leonard
Kanawha County:
Mallory Pell
Jacob Totten
Mineral County:
Dean Shupe
Daniel Han
Dayanita Saminathan
Monongalia Donovan Hurley
Jacquelyn Lawson
Maraid Johnson
Sierra Deverich
Sophia Funke
Nicholas County:
Katherine Morris​​
Preston County:
Evan Dilly
Harley Mersing
James Harsh
Tobey Crawford
Putnam County:
Evan Mann
Megna Pillarisetti
Toree Switzer
Upshur County:
Lila Wright
Michael Tracy

GCSI  School-level responsibilities

Although the counselors do not have to help in the selection process, they are asked to be in charge of school-wide communication regarding the Governor's Computer Science Institute. Director of the Office of Student Enrichment Joey Wiseman and  Coordinator Ray Lowther send  counselors a letter asking them to inform students about GCSI opportunities.. They also send letters to  teachers  who are most likely to have contact with 9th and 10th graders, the target audience. Specifically, teachers and counselors are asked to do the following:

  • ​Guide students to apply to the Computer Science Institute. You may use your computer science teacher as a  resource. Professional educators are door openers and not gate keepers. Inform all students. Let them decide for themselves whether to apply.
  • The counselor completes page 8 of the application, attaching an official transcript with the attendance record. Please redact Social Security numbers.  Ascertain that the proof of submission of Part I is attached to the front page of the application.
  • Remember that the target audience is both the accomplished and the novice computer science students.
  • The principal checks a recommendation box and signs page 8 of the application.
  • ​If a student is recommended "with reservation," a brief explanation is necessary. It can also be mailed separately.
  • Mailing the application is the responsibility of the student, not the school. The deadline for mailing is February 13, 2023.
​Parent Information
  • The Governor's Schools of West Virginia offer valuable and unique experiences for the youth of our state. Parents play a vital part in their children's social, emotional, physical and mental successes, and parental nurturing and high expectations continue to drive students forward.
  • Attending GCSI requires commitment on the part of the student and his/her whole family.  The school lasts only one week, and the instruction and activities are compressed.
  • The only financial obligation for the parents of students selected to attend GHA is that they provide internet access where it is available. If your student needs to borrow a laptop in order to participate, we will provide one.
  • All students must be fully vaccinated according to the WVDE regulations for public schools.​​