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​​Attention 9th and 10th graders who want to become more computer science savvy. The West Virginia Department of Education and West Virginia University are offering you the chance to learn more about what makes computers tick and how to write code, create programs, and build your own apps!  You'll live in Honors Hall at WVU for a full week, June 18-24, as you and 59 other students work with experts who are eager to make you an expert as well. Is it important for you to know how to code?

In 1995, Steve Jobs said, “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…. Because it teaches you how to think." The power of computer science, coding, and programming to drive innovation is evident and is a tremendous opportunity for West Virginia students. Computer science allows students to create programs and build their own apps to solve real-world problems they see as important. The State of West Virginia offers the Governor's Computer Science Institute, inviting students to delve into projects that allow them the time and opportunity to think and work like computer scientists and programmers, using cutting-edge technologies and thinking skills.  ​​

                                         ...YOUR Future

​Beginning with "Opportunities," click the links below to find out more about why the GCSI would be a good way for you to spend one week in Summer 2023.